1. Before applying the wallpaper, it is advisable to wipe the wall to get rid of any
imperfections, dirt, etc. If the wall is painted, there is no need to prepare it
additionally. However, if the wall is in a raw state, you should start with
washing it with special painter's soap, roughen with sandpaper, and then
prime with a uniprimer.

2. Before continuing with the wallpaper, remove all sockets, if any, on the
wall! And of course any additional hangers if any on the wall, leaving the
wall smooth.

3. Next we advise to spread the whole wallpaper on the floor to check the order
in which it should be glued to the wall. The order is marked on the reverse side
with little stickers that should be removed. Usually the no1. Roll will be the
left one. Check if the wallpaper is in tact, not damaged ect.

The visuals of the wallpaper and its final results have been sent to your e-mail,
this image should also help when applying the wallpaper, since the final image
on your wall should look exactly the same way.

The next stripes/rolls should be glued to the right edge of each consecutive
stripe/roll. Attempting to match the pattern on your own without following
the numbering will result in a mismatch of the pattern, due to the fact that
our wallpaper is printed with stripes that are matched to each other

4. You can start wallpapering by marking the location of the first strip using
a vertical line on the wall. If you are gluing from the left, mark the right
edge - this will be the place where you will need to add/stick another strip.

5. Next, you should prepare the wallpaper paste and evenly apply a thin layer of
wallpaper glue to the wall with a roller or brush. The glue should be applied
systematically so it doesn’t dry before the wallpaper is hung. Preferably on an
area slightly larger than one strip of wallpaper. The applied rolls should be dry,
don’t apply additional glue on the wallpaper. The prepared glue should have a
liquid consistency, without lumps. It is best to spread the glue in luke warm
water. You can also use ready-made, liquid wallpaper glue.

6. The wallpaper should be laid from the top of the wall, first applying about
15-20 cm of the panel and slowly applying the rest to the bottom, gradually
removing any air bubbles (you can use a squeegee for this). If, after sticking
the entire strip of wallpaper, you will notice a small air bubble, you can
gently pierce it with a needle and then smooth this place. 

7. Subsequent stripes should be matched to the previously hung strip and carefully
glued to the edge of the previously laid fragment (edge to edge). Immediately
remove possible excess glue with a slightly damp and clean sponge. This should
be done after applying each roll of wallpaper so that the glue doesn’t dry out! Do
not rub multiple times in the same place, and do not use chemical cleaning

All Bluebird wallpapers are washable and can be cleaned with a wet cloth using a light detergent like dish soap. For other
types of dirt, you can also use micellar water. The wallpaper can be further protected by using a laminate, which is

colorless and will not change the color of the wallpaper, but it is not necessary.

If you need to order additional wallpaper, you should expect the possibility of slightly different colors, although this does not have to be the case each and every time.
Wallpaper installed on the wall is neither returnable nor refundable. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you should return it intact within 14 days of purchase.



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